Covid in UAE: Abu Dhabi hospital announces twin clinics for mothers, children

They will also focus on healthcare and mental issues during pregnancy

As the Covid-19 pandemic moves into a new phase, a private hospital in Abu Dhabi has introduced two new clinics dedicated to the welfare of mother and child.

LLH Hospital in the city launched the Maa Clinic and Little Star Paediatric Clinic committed to offering specialised medical services through 10 multidisciplinary doctors. In the past, the hospital has operated a Fever Clinic, Covid-19 Clinic and Post-Covid-19 Wellness Clinic.

“While the number of Covid-19 cases has been rising, we are leveraging from the experience of running three comprehensive clinics during the pandemic. In the past months we have noticed a need for giving special care to mothers and children, who spend most of their time confined to their homes. We recorded cases of behavioural and mental health issues, anxiety, depression, stress, weight gain and hypertension. So, we have opened new clinics with special focus on two categories: women and children,” underlined Dr Padmanabhan P., medical director, LLH Hospital.

Dr Padmanabhan noted the clinic will also focus on healthcare and mental issues during pregnancy.

“When a person gets infected only that person suffers but when a pregnant woman turns Covid-19 positive the baby is also affected. The stress and anxiety they face is tremendous. So, we decided to open new clinics,” he said.

Dr Mary Phyllis, specialist obstetrics and gynaecology, pointed out: “Since the pandemic started, we have been trying to understand issues faced by women but they were reluctant to open up. So, by offering them services, we hope they will be more forthcoming.”

Maa Clinic also offers cancer awareness and prevention programmes, laparoscopic surgeries, and so on.

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