UAE: Parents must take children to doctor for check-up before schools reopen, advise medics

Medics in the UAE reiterate that a visit to the paediatrician is a must for children before schools finally reopen on 29 August. Students across the country enjoyed a two-month long summer holidays and families are now gearing up for school reopening, as pupils brace themselves for the new academic year/term.

Check your child’s overall growth during doctor visits

Dr Garima Chawla, specialist pediatrician, LLH Medical Center, Shabia, Abu Dhabi says, “As children come back from their home countries, some may have mild illnesses. It is essential to make sure that they are fit to attend school. During the check-up, the doctor reinforces healthy eating because once they are back at school, it is important to ensure they are not consuming junk food or having too many juices or chocolates. After the holiday period, children must follow healthy eating, which can help them build strong immunity.” Healthcare professionals also highlight that subsequently, we would see the temperatures dropping and gradually shifting to winter in the UAE. Many children develop flu and other infections during this time, which coincides with the opening of schools, therefore, parents should be watchful of any developing symptoms. Chawla underscores, “During these doctor’s visits, we remind them to take their Covid-19 vaccines and flu shots. We also emphasise the need to follow social distancing and wearing masks at school. Wearing masks can help protect them from various viral illnesses apart from Covid-19.

“During such visits, the physician may conduct growth analysis, including checking their height and weight, to ensure they are growing properly. Eye check-ups and dental check-ups are also recommended for school-going children once in six months.”

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