Covid in UAE: Some mask modifications could help reduce chances of infection, say doctors

The spread of respiratory particles can be curbed by altering face masks as per a recent study published in the American Journal of Infection Control.

The researchers evaluated five types of masks, eight modifications, and both mannequins and human beings to understand the effect of escaping aerosols.

Researchers and doctors point out pandemic recommendations continue to call for mask-wearing regardless of vaccination status.

Dr Shehnas Puthiyaveettil Abu, Specialist Internal Medicine/Pulmonary Diseases, LLH Hospital Abu Dhabi said, “It is true that double masking and adjusting the fit more tightly around the face reduces the transmission of respiratory particles. The receiver’s exposure is reduced by 95 per cent when the infected source and receiver were fitted with modified medical procedure masks.”

“Aerosols in the size range of less than 10 microns will be blocked by a mask when it is used properly. When the source and receiver were both fitted with the double mask or knotted and fitted masks, the cumulative exposure of the receiver is reduced by 95-96 per cent.”

Medics explain the improvement in the fitted filtration efficiency (FFE) of procedure masks when doubled or when worn underneath reusable cloth face coverings is consistent with minimizing leaks between the mask and facial skin, including the bridge of the nose.

So, it is advised to wear masks properly to reduce the chances of infection.

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