Don’t let your pain stops from being the best in your life.

Physiotherapy helps people restore and maintain bodily function, maximizing movement and reducing pain. We are here with a touch of care that beats your spasms, heals your sprains, and is ready to bring your life back. Our professional and qualified team is driven by passion and compassion, consisting of trained and experienced clinicians who aim to treat the whole body through manual therapy, advice, and personalized treatment plans.


The LLH Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department specialists offer the highest quality assessment, diagnosis, and treatment across various settings. We work with our patients, providing a perfect blend of experience and professionalism, and we are ready to welcome you.

Neck and Back Rehabilitation

Pre and postoperative rehabilitation

Pre and postnatal care

Biomechanical evaluation and correction

Neurological rehabilitation programs


Manual therapy with various settings

Spinal corrections

Postural and ergonomic advice

Specific exercise program tailored to improve functionality and recovery

Sports taping

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