Dedicated to Improving the Health and Well-Being of Children

The Department of Pediatrics at LLH Hospital, Abu Dhabi, provides comprehensive medical care for children and adolescents, from newborns to young adults. Our board-certified pediatricians provide a wide range of services, including well-baby checkups, immunizations, physicals and sports physicals, minor illnesses and injuries, chronic conditions, hospitalization, acute care visits, and diagnostic testing.


Screening and Early Detection of Congenital Disorders in Children

Management of Feeding Disorders in Children with Focus on Underweight Cases Screening and Early Detection of Congenital Disorders in Children

Asthma and Skin Allergies 

Treatment of Common and Seasonal Infections in Children 

Growth Monitoring 

Management of Pediatric Neurological and Urinary Tract Illnesses 

Child and Adolescent Guidance and Counseling Clinic

IQ Testing and Other Screening Tests 

Gastric Wash for Accidental Poisoning Cases  

Inpatient Facilities for Pediatric Emergencies  

Well Baby Clinic 

Immunization/Vaccination per Ministry of Health, WHO 

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