Will I need to stay in the hospital?

Sometimes your condition may require additional care in the hospital and you will be admitted or observed in the hospital. At that point your care may continue with a different healthcare team.

Once the decision has been made, your healthcare team will talk to you about where in the hospital you will go and what to expect. Sometimes there may be a very long wait for a bed to become available. In that case, your care will continue in the Emergency Department until your bed is ready. Depending on why you need to stay and which team will take care of you in the hospital, they may come to meet you while you are still in the Emergency Department and start taking care of you at that time.

Depending on your condition and care plan, your team may speak with you about alternative pathways that may be more convenient for you, including our Home Healthcare Program or transfer to an appropriate facility for further medical care.

Remember that there is always a health care team responsible for your care. If you are ever unsure who that is, just ask.

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