Mohan Kumar Ponnan

Dr. Mohan Kumar Ponnan HOD & Specialist Dermatology

Years of Experience: 37

Nationality: India

Languages Known: English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi

Qualification: MD, MBBS (Dermatology)

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Dr. Mohan Kumar is a Dermatology Specialist who has 37 years of experience in dermatology and has been actively practicing in Abu Dhabi, UAE, since 2003. He studied at Madras Medical College, Madras University, India, and is a patient-focused, skilled dermatologist who provides preventive skincare to adults and children. He has proven expertise in developing corrective methods, medical management of skin conditions, controls, and procedures to improve skin health in various aspects of dermatology. His areas of expertise include,  

  • Preventive skincare 
  • Diagnosis and management of common diseases of the skin 
  • Dandruff management and skin allergies 


  • MD, MBBS (Dermatology)

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